Thursday, November 5, 2009

Trip to Thenmala (From Tirunelveli) - Part II

This is the continuation of the previous post. Be sure to read the first one before reading this.

We finally reached Thenmala at around 3.00 PM. The main attraction here is the Thenmala Dam and the Ecotourism centre. We reached the ecotourism centre, that aided us with professional tourist information of the place. We can avail boat ride on the dam, trekking, nature walk, cycling, bird watching and they even offer a lot of adventure activities too.

 We first took the elevated walkway, a mad made arrangement for bird/insect watchers to trek amidst the plush greenery, an unforgettable experience. Sudden showers were uninvited guest to join us. There was a photo point too. It was really a thrilling experience, with only four of us inside the dense forest, armed with nothing but fists!! There was also a pond in the centre of the walkway, giving us a perfect spot to sitback and relax.

Then, we visited the deer park, spotted few deers that never feared to come near us, it should have got used to visitors. Spent some time in the tree house that was built for tourists. Visited the dam. Took some cool shots on the bridge that runs over the dam's exit. Took "Pazha Bajji" (Bhajji made from banana), which is the favourite snack there. "Vaathu muttai" (Duck's egg) is common here. Private Jeeps transport local people to and fro the hills. There is a branch of the bank "State Bank of Travancore" in Thenmala, where my uncle was lucky enough to work for amost a year.

In short, it was a fascinating experience for all four of us. We even visited this place again two more times, and planning to do it again in near future. I'd advise you to take a two wheeler if you want to enjoy the nature in its best, or a SUV if you are going as a family. Small cars would not fit, as the road is steep and potholes camouflaged with rain water. An experienced driver can make it though.

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