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Trip to Mekedatu (from Bangalore)


Hi again,
      This is about the recent trip that me and two of my friends made on a fine weekend. A one day trip to Mekedatu.
         Mekedatu (goats leap), a small ravine where the river Cauvery flows through a narrow gorge. The rock formation on both side of the river are so close that a goat can cross it by a jump and hence the name Meke datu - Goat's leap.
           Located around 90 Kms from the city of Bangalore, it's well connected by roads. Kanakpura is the major town near Mekedatu. Frequency of buses to Mekedatu from Kanakpura is very less so beware, you might get struck at Mekedatu if you plan to leave late evening and would endup draining your purse for a silly cart ride !!
        This time again it was out two-wheelers. Since it was just three of us it's not a wise option to hire a cab, missing all the fun. We started at around 11:00 Am from Lalbagh Garden, our meeting point. Traced Jayanagar --> Banshankari --> Kanakpura --> Chunchi falls --> Sangama --> Mekedatu. Untill Banashankari (Metro) we were annoyed by the buzzing Bangalore traffic. Having crossed Sri RaviShakar ashram, travelling was a breeze.

           This time again, the Sun was mercy enough that we were hardly able to feel him through out the trip. The road after city limits was nearly deserted, that we pushed our engines to its max, only to make a 90. Further more - "Sorry" was the reply from the 100 cc engine :(

         Clocking about 60 Kms, we reached Kanakpura ,where we halted for a break. From Kanakpura, take the road which goes at the left, that leads to the destination. Chances are that you may miss this left turn and proceed on the road that leads nowhere  (as far as I know) !! So keep vigil at Kanakpura. The ambience of the entire stretch was amazing and I bet you'll have tough times sticking your eyes to the road.
 Sathanur Village.

      After crossing Sathanur, a small Village you should be able to spot a sign board that reads Chunchi Falls to the left in 6 Kms. This is a good but narrow road, that leads to the Chunchi Falls via a Village. We were expecting gushing waters to flow from a hill, but we were deceived by the name. It's a place where the river Cauvery branches out into Akravathi river and flows through the rocky passes.

       We were seeing nothing but rocks, with very little water oozing beneath it. However, the rock formation was quite impressive, that we took some snaps. We were able to spot only few travellers here, coming in two wheelers like us and few in cars. Having spent some time here and with high hopes of Mekedatu and Sangama we started again.

         Mekedata was another 25 Kms from this place.  The route to Mekedatu from Santhanur descends down the hills. The road was pretty bad at this stretch. I read from few blogs that a restaurant "Coconut Groove" in Sangama serves good food, but to our misfortune it was closed that day. It's right on the lap of Sangama, a prime location.  Sangama is the nearst motorable place to Mekedatu. Cauvery flows in a plain land at this spot, a good location to hang out in the evenings. Mekedatu is at the oppsite shore and you gotta hire a coracle (Parisal in tamil) to cross this stretch of 300 mts approx. If the water level is low you can manage to cross it by mere walk, though you would end up drenching before you cross. There are instances where some SUV get stranded in the middle while attempting to cross the river !!! Never do that. Better hire a coracle. We did it and it costed 20 rupess perhead, to and fro.

A sign board was displayed there however, conveying the sad story of Ram G Kishore !! (hey,  not me ).


      The coracle trip was funny, with water still entering the coracle. We better had made it walking. The coracle was making some funky moves and we loved it. Mekedatu from the other shore was another 4 kms. Few people would like trekking this length. However, you got an option. A Volvo B7R. They charge Rs20 per head up and down. We chose this one as we were already exhaused by the travel.

    A weird bus, should not have taken the fitness test for atleast 20 years. But still, the ticket was printed by KSTDC and I wonder how they manage to keep this kind of a bus in their fleet. On our way up, the driver made successful attempts in scaring the trekkers saying that anytime wild elephants may show up, only to earn a few more passengers to this God damn bus. We reached Mekedatu in 15-20 minutes. Since it was already late evening, the driver insisted in returning back soon as that was the last bus that would take us down that day.

          Mekedatu, a place full of rocks with Cauvery river bisecting it. Watch you step while you admire the river, a slight miss and you are in heaven !! It is said that alligators are common in these places. Also the rocks are too slippery, practise caution.


        Remember to pack your own food, as food in Mekedatu is not worth it (with Coconut Groove shut at times). Also make a point to leave this place early evening, as the road back to Sathanur is badly lit during night and is full of potholes. Sudden showers joined us while returning. It was manageable though. Despite the trip being avarage as a whole, it's definitely a trip to be remembered.

Even more interesting travelogues to come.
Watch Out !!


  1. Wonderful! Lovely details too. Looks like a good place for a one-day trip that I'd like to go with my wife.

  2. Abhilash,
    Thanks for visiting. Nice place to hangout with family, be sure to hit this spot at the right season. Summer is not preferable as the river may not be in its full flow.

  3. How much better to have travel stories and observations to share then to have your conversation limited to your latest doctor visits and your frustrations with the weeds in your lawn.


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