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Trip to Mysore from Bangalore ! - Part - II

Hi again,
        Well, this is the continuation of my previous post "Trip to Mysore from Bangalore". Read it first before this to get a heads up of what this trip is all about.
        The sky was overcast that day, with slight drizzle inbetween laying a perfect stage for my journey. So, the tonga finally landed me in front of the Royal Mysore Palace. The crowd was fewer than I expected (weekend though). The entrance leading to the main gate was lined with several small petty shops, that sold hats, camera rolls, batteries and other handicraft items.

        Mysore was ruled successively by the "Wodeyar" generation. This palace has more references to the King Krishnaraja Wodeyar, not only for rebuilding the old burnt out wooden palace to the present Royal Palace, but also for being the longest ruler in that era. The history of Mysore is a long topic to be covered in a small blog and I'd encourage you to discover it over the web. A lot of websites are available, that throws limelight on the Vijayanagara Empire and its rulers. Mysore Samachar is one.

        There is a temple inside the palace compound, which is claimed to have witnessed the various changes in the empire. That day, I was lucky enough to watch a procession, which the descendents of the Royal Family perform pooja at this temple every Saturday as a ritual. Since when monarchy was abolished in India, the Royal Family has opened up the palace to the public for visits, and they still live in a secluded area inside the palace.

        The palace temple...

        Front view...

        What's a procession without the mighty elephants ??

And now, the Royal Palace at 45 degree angle..

Front view, I had to walk few yards to capture it in a single frame. !!

        Oh yes, it's me.. Thanks to the Chinese backpackers for the click.

        A 360 degree video clip as seen from the centre of the palace grounds.

        Mysore is renowned for its Dasara celebrations, that lasts for 10 days. The Palace is illuminated on Sundays and all the 10 days of dasara, a spectacular sight to look at. The palace houses a museum where ancient armoury, palanquins, King's Wardrobe etc are showcased for public display. It's a wise idea to hire a tourist guide to take through the palace to feel the native essence of the Palace. More about the palace...

View from the side of the Palace...

        Attention folks, photography is strictly prohibited inside the palace.

        After being inside the palace to my heart's content, I got on my feet again. It was almost noon by that time, I had my lunch at Indra cafe and decided to visit Philomena Church. I hired a local autorickshaw, as insisted by one travel agent and headed towards Philomena Church. It costed me 20 INR for about 2.5 Kms from Indra Cafe.

St.Philomena Church..

        Just like any other churches, regular masses are conducted here too. Ensure that you don't disturb the church proceedings if you happen to visit the church during the masses. There is even a statue of St. Philomena kept in a sanctum inside the church. The two towers of the church raising over 175 feet are said to be inspired by the Cologne-Cathedral  in Germany.

Another view of the Church...


        I still had ample time left over for my evening train. So, decided to visit Chamundi Hills , where a Temple of God Chamundi for Hindus is located. Will  meet you at the Chamundi hills in the next post.

More interesting travelogues to come !!
Wacth out!!

Ram Kishore K

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