Sunday, May 15, 2011

Which HD DTH to buy (India) ?

            Looks like my earlier prediction of Must have gadgets of 2011 have already started gaining momentum ! If you already have a HDTV and looking for the apt HD DTH Provider - look no further, this is the blog you gotta read.

            Recently I read an article in the renowned technology magazine "Digit", that reviewed a handful of HD DTH providers. You may have to take a look at it  here.

Whatever your option is, here is a basic list that you gotta check out when choosing a provider.

            HD DTH provides high definition channel of upto 1080 pixels.  Ideally, your TV should feature a full HD output (1080) to provide the best of clarity. Also, what's in a picture when sound just squeaks? All HD DTH providers outputs a 5.1 (or even 7.1) digital sound output. However, you gotta look out for a "Optical out" port behind your set top box so that you can get high quality output when you hook it up to your high end music system, making it even future proof.

            Discovery and Nat Geo are one among the early birds to feature a HD relay. Of late, Star Network has started providing most of its channels in HD. More channels to follow suit. There are also a few on-demand channels like Star Sports HD and Sony Max HD, that stream HD Quality live sports. Early adopters of HD would never have forgotten the World Cup Cricket matches relayed in HD by Star Sports. Sony Max HD now telecasts IPL matches in HD. What more, there are no ad-breaks during the entire match coverage ! Need any more reasons to buy a HD?

        Meanwhile be vigil, there are some providers who claim to have the highest number of HD Channels among others. This is certainly a trap. What they usually do is upscale the normal SD relay to 1080 pixels, which is nothing but what your HDTV does when you view a non-HD  (SD) Channel. So this is just a goof-up and dont go by their ads. Just enquire if the channel is truly a HD or its upscaled ?

       If you are serious about movies/programs and should you have to record it, you would have to go for the DVR option. Digital Video Recorder. It allows you to record, pause, rewind live TV.  Among the lot TATA Sky DVR with a capacity of 500GB appears to have emerged as a winner among the rest. It's quite affordable too.

      Whatever it is, when it comes to choose a HD provider, just do a home work, surf around the net for all the leading DTH providers and compare their channel packages. There may be providers who provide more number of channels in HD, but they may not be the one that you may watch regularly. After all you may not want to hear "Dont watch channels just because it's HD" from your wife !!

Ram Kishore K

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