Friday, July 29, 2011

Adobe Flash Platform Summit

 A few snaps from the 2011 Adobe Flash Platform Summit. Details about the summit can be seen here.

Venue - NIMHANS Convention Center

A date with flash? Yes I'm shy ;)
(Yes, I'm planning for a weight loss program!)

 Flash post-it.

The Dias. 

Few stalls at the event.

This stall allowed developers to get a hang of Apple Ipad, Iphone, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Black Berry Play Book and few more. Selling point ??

The Black Berry stall. They currently host a contest with whopping prize amount for app that wins. A sure shot motivation for mobile apps developers.

Techno point stall. I remember picking up a keychain and RIA badge from this stall.

Techies "flexing" out @ breaks.

Spot the X-box kinetic in this pic.

Serene ambience of NIMHANS.

     In short, an event well-organised except for some minor glitches, that were almost eclipsed by the presenters at the summit. One cannot forget the UI design presentation by Udhay Shankar (You see I dont really appreciate people unless they make an impact !) 

     Most of the sessions were about mobile and tablet apps development, reason that being the key selling factor for Flash Builder 4.5 with it's ability to facilitate faster mobile development for Andriod/IOS/BB. And trust me it really does !

Ram Kishore K

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