Monday, May 12, 2014

Camera Accessories in Tirunelveli

    If you are in and around Tirunelveli and are looking for camera, DSLR equipments, lenses and other accessories related to video and still pictures, then look no further - Raja Photo Stores is the place.

    Being in Bangalore, I often felt the need for a full fledged camera store like Foto Circle - in my native Tirunelveli. Even the proprietary Nikon showroom in Tirunelveli don't have sufficient inventory. I was taken aback when a Nikon dealer said I'd have to wait 2-3 days to get a new 50mm 1.8G Nikkor lens.
 C'mon even Flipkart can deliver to my house in that time frame, why would I get from you?

    I recently visited Raja Photo Stores looking for a decent tripod. I was surprised to see the varieties they had. They have the equipments needed for a novice to a professional. This is definitely a one stop shop for all photo/video needs in and around Tirunelveli. However, I should admit the fact that the prices are almost 5-10% higher that the competitive Bangalore market. But will that ever matter if there is no one else who can cater to your needs?

Address of Raja Photo Store  (Source JustDial)
No 8/11 Hotel Chemmeen Complex, 
Old Bus Stand, 
Tirunelveli Junction, 
Tirunelveli - 627001

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