Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Upgrading laptop internal harddrive to 1 TB (Dell Inspiron N5010)

  Of late, I've been surfing around the web as how to upgrade my laptop internal hard drive. My Dell Inspiron 15R N5010 came with a 320gb hard disk. It had a samsung spinpoint hard disk by default. It was just 4 years old I wouldn't give up on it yet. With 200 gb of photos/videos excluding OS and other softwares (oh! I'm a developer and a photography enthusiast) - ample storage (or sufficient ??) was a necessity.

The Dell support team insisted that the maximum capacity this model of laptop can accommodate is 620 GB (reference). 

Hard drives
Size (GB)Speed (rpm)
160 GB5400 RPM
250 GB5400RPM
320GB5400/7200 RPM
500GB5400/7200 RPM
640GB5400 RPM

But it turns out that someone never wanted people to know that Dell Inspiron N5010 does support 1TB HDD. Yes, I was able to install a 1TB 2.5" HDD 5200 RPM on my laptop. It works just fine. I'm typing here as my backup software restores tons of photos onto my new hard drive in the background :)

Exact Model/Make of HDD Used:
Samsung Spinpoint M8 1 TB Laptop Internal Hard Drive (ST1000LM024)
Dell Inspiron N5010 (15R) - Core i3 - First Generation M330 2.13GHz

Procedure to Upgrade
     I'd strongly recommend you to backup your computer completely before upgrading your hard drive (including Operating System)
The below video on youtube provides a detailed walkthrough as how to physically replace the HDD on dell inspiron N5010.
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