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Must have gadgets for 2011?

Hi Again,
        Ever wonder what gadgets you would be hunting for in 2011 ? Here is my take on it...


    With the cost of LCD TV's getting more and more affordable, HDTV's are getting an overwhelming response in the electronics consumable market. In 2011, LED TVs could be the hottest pic. Needless to mention full HD (1080p) that could soon be a default feature in all LCD/LED TVs, which consumers would be looking for.

My Pick:  A decent Sony LED TV with screen not less than 40".

HD Channels

         Increase in the number of HDTV owners will soon compel Dish TV Providers to launch HD services full fledged. Though all major Dish TV Providers have already launched High Definition Services, the HD Channels that are broadcasted now are very limited. We could expect all major Dish Operators to broadcast more HD Channels this year. Soon, you could watch your favorite serial in HD with 5.1 Ch sound !!! (need to hear them weep in HD !!!?? )

My Pick:  Too early to decide, as most providers currently broadcast a handful number of channels.

Blu Ray Players 
      DVDs, make way !! VCDs are already a thing of the past. DVDs will soon follow suit. With all the new films available in High Definition, Blu Ray Discs are sure to hit the market and will be a common name everywhere. Major electronic brands, would launch varieties of Blu Ray Players creating competition and result- affordable ! ( Today, an entry lever Sony Blu Ray Player costs you appox. 10K )

My Pick: Read Further !!

Home Theaters:

   What's a 5.1Ch in a Blu Ray when you have just built in stereo speakers? People would become more serious about quality sound output, owing to the onset of Blu Ray Discs. Brands which bundle a home theater with a blue ray player for a reasonable price would surely be the winner. Sony, LG and Samsung seems to have smelled this already and are ready with their Blu Ray home theater models. But wait, they are too hot in the market and may be too dearer for a layman's wallet.

My Pick: Go for the brand that's the same as your HDTV (as long as it's good one). This could provide better nativity while connecting/synchronizing the Home Theaters with your HDTVs. (Sync Mode in Sony is an example) At least, you don't have to use multiple remotes to control.


  Though the reviews of Apple Ipad is not as catchy as expected, tablets will definitely find its space in a techie's backpack. Good bye Ipods and portable media players. In India , Samsung has already posed a direct competition to Apple's Ipad with its Samsung Galaxy Tab. Look out for more brand to follow suit.

My Pick: Wait for the Apple's next OS on Ipad.

3g Mobile Networks:

    Thanks to Indian Ministries !! At last 3G is much nearer to reality in India, while the rest of the world are heading towards 4g !! All mobile brands have started their commercials on 3G but yet to launch. India's State Government owned BSNL have already launched their 3G services. I've got my hands on it only to find speeds just about 250Kbps. Data rates are costlier and could see a drastic fall, once all  major providers launch 3G services.
My Pick: Wait for the Airtel 3g.

Mobile Phones:

    No surprise if we see a mobile phone revolution in India this New Year. Once 3G gets launched, a humongous demand for 3g phones can be expected. When you can make video call lesser than 1 rupee per minute, why just talk when you can see each other ? A boon to teenagers, couples or a bane to Parents?. With Nokia leading the Indian Mobile phone market, let's expect some really affordable 3G enabled phones in 2011.

My Pick: A Nokia 3G Business Phone with full QWERTY keypad, dual camera and video calling facility.

     Planning to get a desktop/Laptop and confused what to buy ? Have a look here.

Will review more gadgets in the next post. 

Have more gadget ideas ?? Comment it out !!

More interesting travelogues to come !! Watch Out!! 

Ram Kishore K 

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