Monday, July 2, 2012

Lens Rental in Bangalore (DSLR)

         How frequently have you envied your neighbor's DSLR or the "L" series lenses attached to it. Are you one among those who say "Dude, I should get my hands on that Lens/Camera at least once in my life !!" ? If yes, then there's good news.

        Of late, it's good to see some Indian based online photography equipment rental sites popping up. Most of them located in Bangalore though. They offer professional grade Camera Bodies and Lenses for RENT. Cool isn't it ?

How does that benefit the consumer?

1. Consumers do not have to purchase one each of a Prime/Telephoto/Zoom/Macro/WideAngle lens  to meet his photographic requirements. (At least to me, I'd have to starve to get a professional grade lens !)

2. If you ever think of buying one of your own, then you can rent the same equipment from these providers, fiddle with it, analyze if that meets your expectation and then go about buying it. (That's what I'd call smart buying)

3. You can also rent photographic accessories like Flash Guns, Pods, Backpacks etc....

How does that work ?
     All these providers require you to fill an enrollment form wherein you'd have to furnish vital information related to your identity. You'll be going through a background check to ensure that you've furnished the right information. Most of them do not ask you to provide your debit/credit card number and that way you too can feel secure. Once after verification, you are deemed fit to use their services. Then on you can go ahead and rent out the equipments by just paying the rental amount.

     Some providers don't even charge a security deposit to enjoy their services. However, they are indeed strict on the timings and equipment handling. To be on the safer side and to avoid any surprises, be sure to read the terms and conditions thoroughly before you rent.

You can rent lenses at...

Looking forward to rent a Canon 100mm IS USM macro this weekend...

Happy Clicking !!

Ram Kishore K


  1. Rented out a Canon 100mm IS Macro from ToeHold. Registered online by scanning and sending all vital documents. Overall experience was great ! I'll visit next time too...

  2. Thank you Ram. Look forward to meet you next time when you are in our office.
    -Giri Cavale.- Toehold Travel & Photography

  3. Giri Cavale,
    Sure, we'll meet ! Thanks for visiting my blog and keep visiting !

    Ram Kishore K

  4. Hi Ram,this is Sourabh.I wanted to know whether you could handle the cinematography for my debut short film??

    1. Hi Sourabhsai,

      I guess it's too late, but I can handle the cinematography for your film, if it is still open. Please mail me at

  5. Sourabhsai,
    Thanks for your offer. I'm sorry I have to reject it as I don't specialize in cinematography.

  6. RentAndClick seems to be under construction... Are they into business?

  7. Any idea about the rental pricing?

  8. I am visiting Bangalore for two weeks and would love to rent a certain Canon lens while on holiday. I will try one of your suggestions, thank you!

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