Thursday, September 19, 2013

After effects of updating my iPad to IOS 7 ?

       This is my first post soon after I updated my iPad to IOS 7.  I was shocked rather surprised after upgrading. I was asked to configure few settings after upgrade and I did. Being a major revision release, my expectation was much higher and to my dismay iOS 7 failed to make any impression. My first search term in safari after upgrading was "how to revert to iOS 6 after upgrade to iOS 7". Search yielded no proper results as expected. So what made me so reluctant to use iOS7 ?

1. White White White everywhere. Trust me iPad does not need retina display for the color scheme that iOS 7 offers. Looks like a white back lit monochrome phone. I do a lot of reading at bed (dark room) and it definitely hurts my eyes.

2. Touch Keypad looks as if it is seen through an x-Ray. Lacks the 3d look alike buttons of iOS6.

3. Almost all notifications lacks the 3d appearance, making the display boring in short time.

4. The buttery smooth animations are gone! Yes, that's the first and the most annoying glitch that I noticed after upgrading. The animation that comes if you close any app using multi gesture is sticky. Looks if it misses some frames while animating. I tried even restarting my ipad hoping it could be due to some cache problem, yet no luck.

5. Photos: The dumbest UI ever. Plain white background.


There could be a lot of good features in iOS 7 but the bad outweighs the good. If anyone knows how to rollback iPad to iOS6 please do let me know.

These reviews are based on my initial experience with iOS 7. In case I find any cool new feature worth a mention, I'll update this post.

Ram Kishore K


  1. It is weird how the upgrade didnt not deliver much effects as per your expectations, thank you for sharing this information as i will have to stick to my IOS6 for Ipad.

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